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April 16, 2008



I have several responses...So the one where the little girl asks her dad and her dad tells her to ask her mom and she goes "Mommy? Can Daddy wead me stowy?" Yeah. I cried at that one too. If it wasn't that one, I have no idea what you're talking about.
And JON AND KATE! LOVE that show. I think Alexis might be my favorite. The Breakup was bad news for me from the beginning, so I'm with ya on just about everything. And I am baby-less. It will only get worse.


P.S. (sheesh, I know) There is a tiny hint of a baby bump there! You're going to be one of those ridiculously cute pregnant ladies. And I'll be jealous.


Um, totally with you on the emotional roller coaster. The hormones also serve useful in provoking stupid fights with one's spouse. So I've heard.


You are so funny that is no bump. You will be the basketball, dare I say volleyball belly girl.

Peeing? check
Emotional? check
craving ice cream? check

No honey, it's real. No kicks in the tummy needed to prove any further. (however you will love that part)


You've graduated to the regular OB. Yay! It's real - and it does go fast. I was able to feel movements with our first child at about 20 weeks. It's the coolest, strangest, and best feelings in the world.

You'll probably not gain a whole lot of weight and be one of those petite pregnant woman who delivers an 8+lb baby. :-)

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