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May 27, 2009



I'm so not ready to have kids. I don't know ANYTHING!


Oh, how I miss breast feeding. With Marley in the hospital and other factors, I never got a good supply amd a starving baby is bad, trust me.

All good tips though. My advice is to make sure you stick with it for a month. It sucks in the beginning (i remember pumping and crying because it hurt so bad!), but the difference that first month makes is amazing.

I'm loving these baby posts by the way.


I *HEART* the "Lily Padz" nursing pads. I have two sets and that's all I'll ever need. They stick right to you and work amazingly. You can even use them while swimming because they are made of silicon. Seriously, all nursing mamas should try them. They rock that much.


This is really good advice. One other thing I wished I had known, if you start to feel uncomfortable like mastitis is just starting- try feeding your baby in different positions. You can feed laying down, standing up, the baby laying at all different angles. This helps clear out the milk and MAY prevent an infection. It's better than pumping because pumping can mean you make MORE milk which means more milk not getting eaten, which means more infection. I got mastitis and it ended my nursing career early on, but I'm all about trying again next time, and hopefully having more luck. (Also, if your baby is in the NICU it can seem impossible to nurse, but I found that it was the golden ticket. I was given a room in the hospital to stay in on the DL so that I could nurse, Camper got a special curtained area to be in, and I got really amazing help from lactation consultants. There is so much help if you want it!) I'll have to try that cover up thing next time around. I was always fighting with blankets!


I am taking notes.


Wow, that was perfect!! I wish I had all this when I started! I too got super small thin pads at the beginning and would end up just bawling because I would constantly leak- I later gave in! Nursing is the best thing ever, I am a fan!!! My advice is that even as a working mom, you can still nurse your baby. I was able to strictly nurse Blake while working full time, so it really can be done!


Kim please keep up these kind of posts. Very informative, way more interesting and I may not have to read any boring pamphlets! Thanks!


I am sending Jack to the store to buy me some more nursing pads! I appreciate the info!


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