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May 26, 2009



Maybe it can turn into "me" time. It can be a nice little break for you after a long day of tending to the wee one.


I completely agree. Even though taking kids to the store is sometimes difficult, I miss the company when I go by myself. Plus people are less likely to strike up a conversation. Did you also notice that people are a lot nicer when you are pregnant? They open door, smile at you, etc. I miss that.


Dude. You should have called me.


Kim I have to completely disagree with you! It's a happy day when I do not have to take my kids to the store with me! I love being by myself grocery shopping, it's quiet and I dont hear the phrases "Jack just hit me"!, "I want those cookies"! "Mom Pleeeease can I have that"?!.....Or the stuff that comes out of my mouth "Dont touch that"!, "Jack where are you?!!" Oh the grocery store is so much fun!!!!


I TOTALLY agree! I remember how nice it was once I had Adam that everyone was so friendly. And I loved that we (okay, ADAM) could make people smile. Isn't it a great feeling?! Thanks for putting those feeling in words!


Why is it that guys don't like the grocery store? Adam is just like Caleb, so odd. Maybe it's because the variety of choices is overwhelming? Next time call me! I'll help you choose your breakfast cereal :)


I am 149% obsessed with grocery stores. I MUST walk up and down every single aisle before I hit the checkout stand. Reece the experience to a root canal.


*Reece COMPARES the experience to a root canal... oh the pregnancy brain.


Ha, this is so true. I have told Ben this lately that when having a kid, you interact with some many people around you.

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